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Charlotte, NC 28204
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Vanish-Ink provides the Charlotte area with the highest quality Tattoo Removal procedure available on the market today.

When Vanish-Ink opened in early 2008 we were determined to offer our patients the absolute BEST tattoo removal on the market at that time. We studied and tested many lasers and decided to go with the best option at the time, the Quanta Q-Plus C.

The Quanta Q-Plus C has always given us great clearance on black, red, pink and orange inks but we were always looking for some breakthrough technology that would safely and effectively remove blue, green and purple tattoos. We have even tested the new Picosecond lasers and were not impressed. The Picosecond lasers may work well on green ink, but only work minimally (if at all) on some common tattoo colors including red. Throughout the last 7 years, Vanish-Ink has tested numerous laser systems and could not find a system worthy of an upgrade until now……

Vanish-Ink is now proud to offer tattoo removal with the Quanta Q-Plus C!!!

We have finally found a laser that treats red, orange, dark blue, black and the difficult to treat GREEN and BLUE tattoo inks. We are the FIRST and ONLY facility to offer this system in North Carolina!!! The Q-Plus C is the ONLY true three wavelength Q-switched system available in the world. It can safely and efficiently treat ALL tattoo colors with three wavelengths, higher power and larger spot sizes!!!!

This is a new revolution in tattoo removal.

Why choose us?
Our location is convenient, clean and comfortable. We use the Quanta Q-Plus C laser, which is the most state-of-the-art, award winning laser on the market today. If you decide to go with another tattoo removal specialist, please ask what type of laser they will be using on your skin. The Quanta Q-Plus C laser that we use is less painful than any other laser used. Also many times, less amount of treatments are involved, making the total cost less expensive.

Ask about our referal program where you can receive discounted procedures.


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Vanish-Ink Laser Tattoo Removal

1315 East Blvd., Suite 190 • Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: (704) 334-0007

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We provide superior service and technology at an affordable price. Professional, comfortable, and affordable.

"I have received two treatments with the Quanta Q-Plus C and am already seeing significant fading and the procedure is very affordable." - Shawn, NC

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