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1315 East Blvd., Suite 190
Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: (704) 334-0007

Tattoo Removal Pricing


Tattoo removal pricing is determined by the size of the tattoo as well as colors used.

Vanish-Ink Tattoo Removal provides a free initial consultation and patch test.


This will diagnose your tattoo and determine the cost of each treatment as well as estimate the number of treatments needed

Our prices start as low as $169 per treatment

Discounts available for Minors, Law Enforcement, Military and Fire Fighters.

Gift Certificates are available.

Special "Package" rates available. Please ask for details.

Vanish-Ink Laser Tattoo Removal

1315 East Blvd., Suite 190 • Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: (704) 334-0007

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We provide superior service and technology at an affordable price. Professional, comfortable, and affordable.

"I have received two treatments with the Quanta Q-Plus C and am already seeing significant fading and the procedure is very affordable." - Shawn, NC

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